Friday, February 15, 2013

Forcing bulbs!

A few weeks back, I saw a post on Facebook from a fellow garden blogger who found an amazing deal at Walmart. Garden Hoard found a bin full of spring flowering bulbs that were extremely discounted for literally pennies, with a huge sign on the bin "to be thrown out". I guess big market stores discard plants when they are deemed past their prime and not sellable. As gardeners, we see a dying plant, old seed, or bulb and think, "hey, we can grow that!!" I have discovered that garden bloggers are just about the most generous people out there, and Garden Hoard posted on her Facebook wall that she was willing to buy up the rest of the stock of bulbs for any gardeners who was willing to pay for shipping. I jumped at the chance and asked her to pick up as many packages of bulbs, and I'd send her money for the shipping cost. Low and behold a box was delivered with these babies! 14 packages of spring bulbs for $13! Woohoo!!
I planted a few hyacinths right away, and 3 weeks later, I'm already getting a stunning display of spring! I can't tell you how happy I am to smell and see a pink hyacinth in my apartment in dreary cold February!  Love, love!  I decided to plant a few more so hopefully I'll have a nice display of blooms all winter long! Woot!


  1. This is really cheap. Does she have any more left so that I can also buy some?

  2. Wow! I'd kill to have a little Spring color around the house at this time of year. It's so GREY here.

  3. Springtime comes early when you force bulbs into bloom indoors. During the frigid, dreary months of winter, you'll enjoy the powerful fragrance of hyacinths, the sweet scent of paperwhite narcissus, and the cheerful color of tulips, as well as other spring-flowering bulbs, if you plan ahead.

    Although it's not hard to fool Mother Nature, you can't hurry the process. Forcing most spring bulbs into bloom requires eight to 15 weeks of chilling, though there are varieties that can be ready for prime time in just two to three weeks.


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