Sunday, November 4, 2012

Up and Running

Yesterday, the subways and buses were running again, after 4 days without it. Four days without public transportation puts this city to a standstill. Literally.  I ventured to downtown Manhattan by bus to go visit my elderly aunt who lives in Chinatown.  She has 24 hour nurse aides that take really good care of her, and her sons told me that they have been checking in with her daily to see if she had enough food and water. Without power and running water, the elderly are hit the worst when there is no power. Especially those that live in high rises like she does. The nurse aide has been by her side the entire time and she is well cared for. I brought over some bottles of water, fresh fruit and some hot soup. I took the bus downtown and saw a strong National Guard presence. It's a relief to see these men and women helping us recover. It really is. We can't be more appreciative!
Truck after truck with supplies in the truck beds. A happy sight indeed.
This whole block in Gramercy Park was blocked off to use as a staging area for the supply distribution. It's awesome to see this. It's so organized.
The bus stop is right in front of Confuscius Plaza where my aunt lives. As I was getting off the bus, I saw a whole group of National Guardsmen dropping off supplies. From across the street, I could hear cheers from Chinatown residents cheering them on. It was an incredible sight.
A pile of water that will be distributed to residents.
After visiting my aunt, I saw this Ad at a bus stop. It's an ad by Rock the Vote for the upcoming election, but I felt it was apropo for the aftermath of the hurricane.We won't panic. We will Organize. And we will Overcome.


  1. Glad your aunt has been well cared for and services are returning.

  2. So nice to see an insiders view of recovery and glad things are on the mend, even if slowly.

  3. What a mess. Glad things are starting to get back to order.


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