Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Rewind

I am so far behind with blogging because of the holidays.  I had family over my house, so it consumed every ounce of free time.  It was amazing and fun to see my sister's family who came in from Chicago. Every year, my dad, (the professional chef) cooks Christmas dinner, but this year, he wanted a break so my oldest sister and I took on the task of cooking the bulk of dinner. I made some sourdough bread for my family to try.  I am really perfecting these now!  This time, they came out fluffier, kneading the dough more did the trick.  These came out amazing!  And the family was so impressed with the taste!
My dad made 2 dishes, one was a Lobster Fettuccine.  Here I am joking around with one of the lobsters, I'm pretending that I am going to eat it raw.  Hahahaa
Here is the table with all the food!  We did a Christmas ham, stuffed shells, stuffed mussels, and a sweet potato casserole.  Yummy!
After Christmas dinner, we opened gifts. My favorite gift was this Belgian waffle maker.  I've been wanting a waffle maker for some time now.  The next morning, we made waffles for breakfast.
Ooooh, they came out so good!
Here's breakfast, topped with fresh blueberries and maple syrup. And a slice of the Christmas ham and some eggs.  Absolutely delicious!
Hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


  1. What a feast!! Lobster Fettucine?? Dear god. I won't be able to think about anything else now. :) That is definitely getting added to my "to make" list.

    Glad the bread is turning out well! Mine too. I've been experimenting with adding 1/2 rye and 1/2 unbleached white flour to the starter...the rye give is a little more sour flavor I think. Also trying out some sourdough breads using 25% rye, 25% ww, and 50% unbleached white. So far so good!

    We've always wanted to get a wafflemaker! Space issues (or lack thereof) in the kitchen have kept us from getting one. You can make sourdough waffles now!

    Happy new year!

  2. Every time I finish reading your post, I'm starving!


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