Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grow Your Own Organic Tea

I have a few perennial herb plants that I grow indoors. And then it dawned on me one day that I should make a tea out of them. Here is my spearmint plant.  I have been growing this plant for two years.  In the summer, the potted plant goes out into the backyard. I am so tempted with planting one in the ground, people say they hate how it takes over the yard, but I would love it! I can't get enough mint, I love the stuff!
This is the pineapple sage plant.  It sits on the kitchen counter by the window and does really well here.  It's also 2 years old and grows really well indoors surprisingly.  When you clip the stems off, it grows back really nicely.  I love the smell of pineapple sage.  It really does smell like pineapple, and tastes a bit like it too.
I clip the stems and hang them with magnetic clips on the fridge to dry out the leaves.
I finally filled a whole jar full of dried herb leaves.  In this jar contains pineapple sage, spearmint, and lemon balm.  I am so excited that I made my own organic tea!
I brewed the tea for the first time today.  I added a little honey.  It's a very light tea, and very refreshing.  Yum, it's my new favorite drink! I would like to add more herbs to the mix, like chamomile or lavender.  Do you have any suggestions?  I can't wait to experiment!   I wish my meyer lemon tree actually grew lemons, it would be a nice addition to this tea.   If you grow herbs, try making your own tea!  You will love it!


  1. People say that mint really does take over the yard. But there is an up side. You'll get rid of any ants. They hate mint.

  2. I should try that! i also love mint. When I visited this ginseng farm, the owner had tons of holy basil that she made tea with. It's a pretty plant that attracted a gazillion bees too!

  3. Ooh! Pineapple sage in a tea blend! That sounds great. Yes, mint can take over, but it's actually a pretty nice little groundcover, I think, and if you love it and use it a lot, why not?

    I have a friend who cuts the bottom off of a large plastic pot. She digs a large hole, plants the pot in the hole and the mint in the pot...this way the roots can breathe and it won't need to be re-potted, but it also won't spread because the barriers of the sides of the pot keep it in check. This works for other aggressive spreaders too.

  4. love the new background on your blog, by the way!

  5. oooh.. I LOVE tea! Especially in the winter. Wish I had some herbs growing inside so I could. Good idea!


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