Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gardening 101: Part 1

It's pretty much the end of the growing season.  I wanted to rewind to the beginning of summer, and talk about some of the things I did when the growing season started. I was way too busy to blog regularly, so this post is long overdue! I had a lot of extra seedlings that I wanted to give away and contacted my cousin Kathy out in Queens to see if she wanted any of the plants for her backyard. She said yes, and back in May I went over to her house and we did an afternoon of planting.
We planted 6 pots of Heirloom tomato seedlings. I gave her a variety of tomatoes ranging from Jaune Flamme, to Brandy wine and cherry tomatoes. Doesn't Kathy look so happy?
We also transplanted some heirloom pepper seedlings.
Here are all the seedlings transplanted!
We also sowed seeds of lettuce, radishes and snap peas.
Here we are reading the instructions of how deep to sow the seeds.
Carefully counting out radish seeds.
And planting them. These will grow so fast! Radish seeds all sowed.
And planting plenty of lettuce seeds! These seeds I got free from Super Sow Sunday on Gardenchat.
We planted lettuce in window box planters. They grow well in there.
Kathy is really into gardening, she especially loves orchids and has an amazing collection of orchids in her kitchen. She's been able to have them re-flower! I have to get Kathy to teach me how to get orchids to re-bloom, I have never had that happen before. I need to learn that trick.  I really enjoyed chatting with her about gardening! Gardening is definitely in our blood.
Serious beginner gardeners!! In the back, you can see all the pots we transplanted. I just realized we are all wearing black shirts! We're like a gardening gang! Go team gardeners! We dressed alike, but it was not intentional!
 It felt like we planted for hours! It was a lot of fun!
Handing out seeds to the helpers!
It is so much fun to share in the gardening "bug".
Stay tuned for the next blog post, I'll be writing about how well the plants did!!
(All photos taken by my cousins Mary and Kathy)


  1. Looks like you've given your cousin the gardening bug.

  2. I got my first orchid as a gift and I unfortunately killed it. I bought another one from home depot that's white with purple spots. It's doing well for now but I'm hoping I don't kill this one. I need to know her secret too!

  3. I planted heirloom tomato seeds this year as well. They sprouted very well but with all our drought this year didn't do all that great in the garden. Domestic water just isn't the same.

  4. Hi, I always think of you when the weather forecast is severe your way. I hope all is well with you, and your place fares OK.

    I look forward to seeing your next part to this post. I like your background photo. I see you did get at least one nice looking tomato. I have had more tomatoes ripen after I picked them in preparation for the first frost than I did all summer. I always grow my lettuce in the ground, but may try to plant some in tubs next year, because the rabbits found their way into my vegetable garden and are eating down my fall lettuce. I am not very happy about that!


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