Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Girls Are Out!

It was well in the 60s today. So warm! Just 5 days ago... it was snowing! I'm not sure what's up with this weather! I took advantage of the weather and decided to open the hive for an inspection! We've already winterized the hive by sealing up any cracks with duct tape and putting in a mouse guard. It's a little strange to have a hive inspection this late in the season! We are mid-way into November and usually in the Northeast, it would be really too cold to open the hive. When I got to the hive, I saw that there were lots of bees out! The girls were enjoying the warm weather as well!  I installed a new bungee cord on the hive to keep the water container from blowing off the roof. The last storm blew that thing clear off and onto the street!
Incredibly, when I pulled out a frame, I saw that Queen Bella is still laying! There was fresh brood on the frames and babies being born! Wow and wow!!  I am so surprised to see this! Very happy to see that Queen Bella is still alive and productive! I'm already looking forward to next spring to see how well this hive will do in Year 2! Can't wait!!


  1. You are blessed that that was the only thing that was blown off into the streets!


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