Friday, April 19, 2013

Bee-zy, Bee-zy, Bee-zy April!

April started off extremely busy, because it's official the start of beekeeping season up here in the Northeast!  Our bees were slated to come mid-April so there was lots for us to do. Including ordering and painting our new hive! This new addition brings our hive total to 3! The new hive will be located right next to our other one. And since Bees need help navigating to their hive home, we decided to paint the hive a different color than the other one. Unlike last year, we decided not to build our Langstroth hives, it just took too long to do so, and frankly for $20 more, we can buy a full hive kit pre-assembled.  $20 extra to me was a no-brainer.  We ordered a beehive kit containing all medium boxes.  Here are the boxes getting painted.
I'm just loving the bright green color that was chosen!!
The beehive kit comes with 4 medium boxes! Here it is all painted and assembled!
And next to the other beehive!
It's usually a good idea to put some type of weight on the beehive for strong winds.  Emily, our beehive host decided on this lovely Buddha. I think it's quite fitting. Happy Buddha, overseeing our lovely beehive!
Stay tuned for my next post! The bees are arriving!!

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  1. Could you please tell me where you ordered your pre-assembled hive kits from?



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