Monday, May 27, 2013

First Beehive Inspection of the 2013 Season

Again, I find myself behind on blog posts. It happens. I'm busy. I finally downloaded photos from our first beehive inspection. The first inspection is always so exciting. We are mainly looking to see that the Queen has successfully been freed from her cage and started laying eggs. We open up the top cover and it's a good sign, we see very active bees.
We pulled out the first frame and we were happy with what we saw.
The Queen has been laying perfect frames of brood. Good sign of a healthy Queen and hive.
It's just beautiful.  In a few days, they will hatch and we'll have all new baby bees.
Here's a frame filled with busy bees! This year's bee's the Queen is unmarked, so it can be hard looking for her among so many bees like this!
Since we had only 7 frames inside the box, there was a lot of empty space inside the beehive. The bees built some wild burr comb to fill in the empty gaps.

I just love how pretty this looks! I kept these and think I will frame them in a shadow box. The season is in full swing now! I am one happy, happy beekeeper!!

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