Friday, July 5, 2013

Sweet, sweet golden goodness

At our last hive inspection, we were in for a wonderful surprise! The honey bees have been very busy! They have been making lots and lots of honey!
This whole frame is solid honey! Incredible!! This frame is from the deep boxes, and the top honey super box is just about full as well.  It is time. Time to harvest, this sweet goodness!
This is extremely exciting for us because after 1 1/2 years, this will be our first honey harvest ever!
As I was about to leave to go home, I saw this little lady on my purse. I guess she wanted a free ride. I gently brushed her off.
This weekend, we are set to harvest. I can barely contain my giddiness! More pictures to come!


  1. Oh how fun!! A sweet and sticky weekend ahead, haha!

  2. Now you have me all excited as well. Looking forward to seeing the process as I have no idea how it's done, and especially without everything getting gooey. And how is the frame prepared to go back into the hive??

  3. How wonderful to have your own honey. We have 10 acres and a friend asked if we would like a hive or two on the property, in exchange for a jar of honey, as she knew someone with bees who was looking for other areas to place some hives.Sadly we have not heard back sighhh!


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