Friday, November 15, 2013

Replanting Winter Blooms: Paperwhites Round 2

Last year, I bought some paperwhite bulbs at a local florist. They bloomed so beautifully, here is my original post about it. After the bulbs bloomed, I let the green stem die away and I dug up all the bulbs. All of the bulbs split to produce babies! I love that! Isn't that cool? So 1 bulb became 3 bulbs! Love free plants!  I decided to replant the bulbs without breaking the bulbs apart. I hope that is okay. I wasn't sure if I should break the bulb into 3. Do you split them, or do you plant as is?
Here the bulbs are all packed in. There are 3 packed into this pot. They are already starting to sprout, can't wait to see them bloom again! Round 2!

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  1. I'm not sure that they will rebloom. I've read many different accounts that paperwhites rarely bloom after the first year. Good luck!


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