Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Food Swaps: Like minded foodies converge.

When I see the announcement go past my news feed on Facebook that a new Food Swap event is occurring, I mark the ticket sale date on my calendar right away. Woohoo, it's exciting!! I soooo look forward to the BK Swapper food swap! Tickets are actually free to this event, however, getting tickets for the BK Swapper event is coveted by many, and from my experience, it's hard to get in. I usually get wait listed, and then when people drop out, I get into the event. This has happened to me the last two events I went to.
The BK Swapper event is well organized and is a lot of fun. Many people bring their A game. They make such incredible foods to swap with like minded folks. I spotted this really unique food item, "bacon infused vodka"! Wow, I wonder what that tastes like!
I brought with me 6 jars of my Angry Mimi's Hot Sauce. I have the recipe here.  I brought it to my last swap event as well, and it traded well, so I decided to bring it again. The actual "swap time" is a little frenetic. Even though we have slips of paper next to our swap items where people can write what they would like to swap with you, when we actually start swapping it's crazy! I always feel overwhelmed with the actual swapping process. But this time around, I looked at my swap paper carefully and was able to swap with everyone on it. Check out my cool haul!  Chocolate pecan bars, limoncello, chocolate sauce, lavender lemon soda, chai almond butter and butternut squash butter! What's so fun about these types of swaps is that ever time you come home with something completely different to try! I can't wait to taste all my goodies!  

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