Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Look Back at Mother's Day Flowers

Two week's ago, I went home for mother's day and bought and planted some flowers for my mom. It's pretty much a tradition in my family. We buy flowering plants for mom and we plant them in the yard. I much prefer giving plants to giving fresh cut flowers because they last so much longer! And if you buy a flowering perennial, they bloom year after year. It's a gift that keeps on giving! This year, I bought her these pretty begonias. How insanely beautiful is this deep yellow color?
I also bought her some mini dahlias. I just loved these deep orange and red colors. So pretty!
My mom's dogwood tree is also blooming right now. I love the color!
Over 10 years ago, we bought my mom a peony bush. Year after year, it blooms a spectacular show of flowers! I picked one to bring home. How pretty is this?  My mom loves the bush, whenever it blooms she says, it reminds her of that mother's day.
Here is a view of the bloom 2 days later. The scent is amazing. Peonies are definitely my favorite flowers. I just love them! They definitely are show stoppers! Just gorgeous!

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  1. Buying your mom plants is a lot smarter than giving cut flowers. I wish I had learned this lesson when my mom was still around. But it's great to see others being so thoughtful of the environment on Mother's Day.


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