Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Day to View Live Beehive Sculpture at the MoMA

Today is the last day to visit Pierre Huyghe's Untitled (Reclining Nude) at the Museum of Modern Art. I went on Monday to see this sculpture in person and it is a beauty. The sculpture is located in the sculpture garden on the first floor of the museum. I love the sculpture garden, it's a great place to get a cup of coffee and just soak in the art around you.
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I loved this sign that they had on the door right before you enter the sculpture garden. I must say, the beekeeper in me got super excited to see the colony!
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The live colony of bees is meant to be the women's head and brain. The hive and sculpture is placed under a tree in the center of the garden. Can you see it? Look closely. The tree really hid it well, if it wasn't for the sign on the door, I would imagine some people would have missed this piece all together because you couldn't really tell there was a beehive under the tree unless you were looking for it.
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Here is a closer view of it. The bees were so calm. There were a few flying around but mostly they were tending to the hive. I am so proud of the MoMA for taking the initiative of having a live bee colony on the premises of the museum's garden where visitors can see it up close and personal. In an urban environment like New York City, it's difficult to see a beehive this up close unless you know a beekeeper or know where beehives are located. As a beekeeper in Brooklyn, I have had many people complain about my bees being in close proximity to neighbors and the street. But honeybees for the most part are very docile. I know that some people are allergic to bee sting so it does concern certain people. However, honeybees won't sting you unless they feel like the hive is being threatened in any way, so as long as you keep a good distance away from the hive, they won't go after you.
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Here is a closer look of the sculpture. I was so impressed by it. It really is so beautiful how the honeybees created the wax comb as a perfect oblong head. It was beautiful. I wish this piece could be a permanent sculpture at the museum. See it today, it's the last day! Here is a link about the sculpture.
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