Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who stole my marigolds?

I had planted marigolds from seed so I could plant them next to the tomatoes because I read it was a nice companion plant for them. It apparently keeps the bugs away. I had more than enough seedlings, so I put 4 of them in a hanging basket. I hung the hanging basket on one of the 4x4 post on the garden fence. But the other day, I went out to water the plants, and something had stolen all 4 of the seedlings out of the basket. What the &%$#@? Any ideas what could have taken / eaten this? I mean, the seedlings were 3 inches tall, as big as the 2nd photo below. It's so weird, it's literally suspended 4 feet in the air on the garden post. Do you think it was a bird or insect?
Luckily, I had more marigold seedlings so I replanted the hanging basket. This time however, I am going to try to outsmart whatever took my plants. I'm going to let these babies grow much larger before I hang them in the garden!


  1. not sure - possibly a bird but I've grown marigolds and its not a small seed but quite a long one. I too would wait till they were a bit bigger before planting up near the fence again

  2. You've done an awesome job in just one season! It's hard to claim garden space out of a lawn. I know, because I fight to gain back mine all the time! That geass just thinks it owns the ground! :) I sure don't know what would take marigolds. As far as I know, animals don't like to eat them. That's one of the things that makes them such great garden companiopns. Deer are even supposed to be repelled by them. I've never tried it, but maybe some day I'll plant them with the beets. I have so much trouble with the deer eating them!

  3. well holy cr@? meemsnyc, nice garden!! I have been wanting to come over and surf your posts for a couple of weeks but I have been dead tired after battling the heat and bugs and children all day every day LOL! I am so glad it has been raining all day because I got to read up on all that you are up to! Great garden, what a gem in the city, huh? Very precious space up your way and it looks fantastic! You have been working very hard and it shows!

  4. You do have a mystery on your hands. I know bugs that will eat the leaves off, but they'll leave the stem. For the whole plant to be gone, that's a little (humming theme from Twilight Zone) strange.

  5. Birds. Starlings will snip them at ground level or pull them out.

  6. I did a search with "Who stole my marigolds?" and got your blog. My whole plants just disappeared one day...guess BIRDS are as good a guess as any. Good luck!


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