Sunday, August 15, 2010

I wanna be chopping broccoli!

I've been watching my broccoli plant since April! It still has yet to produce one crown of broccoli. Everytime I go out to the garden to check on it, I always have this Dana Carvey song in my head. Do you know that song? He did this skit on Saturday Nigh Live, and it's so funny. However, 5 months later and still no "chopping broccoli" for me. What's going on Broccoli plant? Why are you not growing any crowns?
I found part of the "chopping broccoli" song on YouTube in case you've never heard it.


  1. A friend and I once wrote a song about broccoli for a musical dinner theater. I should pull out those lyrics sometime and post them. My own broccoli suffered a short life at my house, but I have high hopes for next season.

  2. I would hang in there if I were you. It's actually a little warm for broccoli right now. They do better planted in late summer (or early spring) so that they will mature when the weather cools.

  3. ahhh!! i have not seen that skit in eons! thanks for the memories :)

    i just pulled out the last of our broccoli plants this afternoon. they've been producing pretty good side shoots, but it was time for them to move into their new existence in the compost bin.

  4. oh how funny. I'm going to have that stuck in my head for the rest of the night. lol.

  5. Thats so funny b/c that's what I think when I go out and see my pathetic broccoli that won't form a head as well. I've been singing it and showed my kids the video of Dana Carvey's SNL audition. My 5 year old sings it all the time now.

  6. I think it's too hot for broccoli too. It might do something in the all.


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