Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Pickings Before Irene

I spent the morning taking one last walk around the garden and tying all the tomato cages to the picket fence.  If it gets really windy it won't go very far since they are all tied up with twine.  I also picked the vegetables that I could save before Irene makes her appearance.  Any tomato that had a blush of pink / yellow was picked and will ripen on my windowsill.  I decided not to pick any of the green tomatoes, I'm hoping they will stay on the vine... I'm sure most of them won't, in which case I'll have to make fried green tomatoes or pickled green tomatoes. I have to find more recipes with green tomatoes.  Do you have any suggestions?  I also picked some basil, I think I'll make some bruschetta since I will be cooped up in the house riding out the storm.  At least I'll eat well!  I saw there was a beet sticking out of the ground, so I harvested it.  It was a small little one, the beets didn't size up very well this year.  More compost is definitely needed for next year.  I'm as ready as I can be for Irene, so now it's just a waiting game.  For all those on the East Coast, stay safe!


  1. Hope everyone makes through the storm. I'll bet you get more tomatoes but good call on harvesting any with color today. I do that everytime we leave town for a weekend of when frost threatens.

  2. I hope your garden makes it through OK and you are in a safe place. I have been watching the hurricane coverage most of the day. This evening, I paused CNN and went out to do some gardening. I am fast forwarding through the commercials, but am still behind. It sounds like Irene has reached you.

  3. Hope you're safe. I'm sure the green tomatoes will be fine, they usually hang on tight. In case they don't make it unscathed, you can always make green tomato ketchup


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