Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm So Jealous

I've tried many attempts to grow hydrangeas in my yard, but I've always netted dismal results. Back in April, I received 2 small hydrangea plants from a contest win from Santa Rosa Gardens.  I planted the 2 hydrangeas, a Nikko Blue variety and an Annabelle white one, in hopes that they will take off. For some reason, this is one of those plants that I have such a hard time keeping alive.  I know they like moist soil, so I'll try to keep them moist.  Also as an experiment, I planted one in partial shade and the other in full sun just to see which plant does better with the different amounts of sun / shade.  In the past, I have planted hydrangeas in full sun, and they didn't survive.  But so far, to my surprise the Annabelle hydrangea which is in full sun is doing really well.  It has more than doubled in size.
The Nikko Belle hydrangea, I planted in a shady area of the front yard.  It too is doing pretty well and has 2 blooms on it.  I'm really hoping that these plants take off.  I love mophead hydrangeas, they are definitely one of my favorites.
These are the hydrangeas growing at my parent's house in their side yard.  All of these were planted as 6 inch pots years ago.  They sit in partial shade.  Look at them now!  They are huge and super healthy.  I absolutely love the color.  I am so jealous!  I hope my hydrangea will grow like this.

Check out this Nikko Blue. I love the color.  Do you grow hydrangeas?  What's your secret to growing lush healthy hydrangeas?


  1. I have several hydrangeas in my garden and you're right. The trick is to keep the soil moist. My plants let me know when they're thirsty because they wilt, then spring back when I water them. I don't have any of my hydrangeas in full sun. Part sun, preferably morning sun, is good. Bright, dappled shade is optimum. At least this has been my experience here in the Pacific Northwest. Good luck with your newbies!

  2. I won't buy any more cause they just don't do good in sandy, rocky soil.

  3. Moist soil. Morning sun, shade during the sweltering hours. And absolutely no tree roots. My mum also has lovely hydrangeas... I have less luck since my flower beds are right under the canopy of a large Norway maple: my pink hydrangea is surviving, even flowering, but it barely registered any growth in three years.


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