Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flying With Me

I am enroute to Chicago this morning and I picked some tomatoes out of the garden that have a flush of color. I thought... I probably could bring these on the flight with me to Chicago. So I threw them all in one of those takeout soup containers. My sister is totally going to chuckle that I am bringing tomatoes from my garden with me. I also picked some green beans, basil and tomatoes that went to my neighbor. I just couldn't let it go to waste!

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  1. Have fun visiting your sister!

  2. I once flew back from Hungary with a suitcase filled with Goose Livers! I don't see anything wrong with packing a few tomatoes.

    I travel a lot for work, and generally bring anything and everything back. When I smoked, I'd fill any available space with cigarettes if they were cheaper than the UK. I never once got stopped.

    Recently, I had my first ever Customs stop. I laughed and told the woman what I normally do, and what I used to do when I smoked. I commented that the only time i ever got stopped I didn't have a single thing I shouldn't.

    She told me to go, without even checking! That's a smugglers' tip!!!


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