Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chinese Comfort Food: Part 2

The cooking up a storm hasn't ended.  This past weekend we made Lo Mai Gai or otherwise known as lotus leaf wrapped chicken with sticky rice.  This is not something we ever made from scratch before.  It's something we normally get at dim sum because it is so labor intensive to make.  And since it takes forever to make, we made a batch of 30 of them.  So that we could freeze them and enjoy whenever we are in the mood to have a tasty treat.  This is what lotus leaves look like. The recipe we followed can be found here.  Use this recipe and not my bad instruction below.
The lotus leaves need to be soaked for 10 minutes on each side in boiling water to soften.
This recipe uses sticky glutinous rice. We made a big batch of rice to stuff the leaves with.
In addition to the rice, for the filling we used chicken, chinese dried sausage, and shitake mushrooms.
Put some filling in, rice first, then meat, then more rice.
Then wrap it like a present.
Make sure when you wrap it, that it is really tight.
Put the wrapped parcels into a steamer and steam for 25 minutes.
Waiting for these babies to steam was the hardest part.
And here are half of them all done.  We froze these for future good eating.
This is what it looks like cooked and ready to eat.  Yummy yumminess!


  1. Do you eat the lotus leaf?

    There are tons of them in the lake we fish.

  2. One of my favorite dim sum item. Thanks for the recipe link. Will definitely make some.


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