Monday, November 7, 2011

Hiking + Arches: Part 2

Our next adventure in Arches National Park was to find the Landscape Arch, probably the second most famous arch in the park.  It isn't quite the arduous hike to find Landscape, and the terrain is more kid friendly.  It takes about an hour to hike to the Arch.  There were lots of cars parked outside the parking lot, a sign of how popular this hike is.
This is the entrance of the hike trail.  How cool is this, you have to walk in between these large sandstone structures.
This is a view from inside, looking back.  So pretty!
Follow the signs!
We made it, in about an hour, we came across Landscape Arch.  My was it worth the hour long hike.  Spectacular!  It is the longest arch in the park and is quite thin.  It looks like it could break at any moment.
After the hike, we drove around to look at other structures.  How beautiful is this rock balanced so nicely?
We also drove to an outlook viewpoint to see Fiery Furnace.  Fiery Furnace is a series of rock formations "consisting of a maze of narrow passages created by sandstone fins".  It's hard to hike here and requires a guided ranger led tour.  We didn't have time to do this tour, so we just admired from above.
I had my nephew take a photo of me at the outlook.  My nephew is 4 years old.  It's why I have no head.  hahaha.


  1. Love the photo taken by the nephew! A great arch photo too.

  2. He's been taking lessons from my husband.

  3. Beautiful! Love the picture that nephew too, too!

  4. I enjoyed your photos. That's a beautiful place! I'm glad you included the photo of you. That was cute.


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