Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coming Out in Droves

I opened my mailbox today and stuffed inside were two seed catalogs. It's December and already I have seed catalogs! I never ordered from either of these two companies so I don't know how good they are. Have you ever tried them? How do you know if they are any good??


  1. I've ordered from both of those catalogues and had good luck. I was introduced to them by a friend. They both have some fun varieties that I couldn't find other places. I haven't ordered from them for a couple of years but both arrived this week. They've gone onto the stack that I won't look at until after the new year.


  2. Me too. I just received both and have ordered from both once before. The service was fine and the seeds sprouted. What more can one ask?

  3. I don't get many catalogs. I usually find what I need locally, but have ordered from a few catalogs lately. I am trying to decide if I'm going to start my own tomatoes and peppers this year. It seems like I don't time it right, and they either get too leggy before it's time to plant, or they aren't big enough, and take forever to grow and ripen.

  4. I do not recieve these ones but get others where I garden. I always enjoy seeing what's new on the market but tend to buy from smaller companies.


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