Saturday, February 9, 2013

Regrowing Scallions

Ever since I found out that you can regrow scallions, I've been obsessed with regrowing them. It's so much fun! And so easy!!
I cut the bottoms off, and stuck the bottoms of the scallions in a pot of soil in a sunny windowsill and within 2 weeks, scallions started to regrow! This is the best!! I'm going to try to regrow scallions every time I buy them, maybe one day, I'll never have to buy them again! That about sustainable!! Try it, but WARNING, you'll get obsessed with it!!


  1. I do this too and agree it is addicting :-) I have heard you can also do it with celery and I can't wait to try it this summer:-)

  2. Didn't know you could do this. I've always let them over winter outside and saved the seeds. The plants regrow every year. Sometimes I cut them back so that new shoots grow in. The old growth is way too strong. The new growth is more like new, just started plants.

  3. That's so cool Mimi! I've never thought about doing that, but it's a great idea, especially since I've never had success growing them from seeds!


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