Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can I Plant This?

At the farmer's market today, I saw this big bunch of basil for $3! What a deal! I love that it still had roots! So when I got it home, I thought, hey, I wonder if I could stick this in some soil and plant it? It's a farmer's market, so it probably was picked that morning. For $3, hey, I'll give it a try!
Here is the basil that I stuck in a pot on my windowsill. Not the waiting begins. What do you think? Will it work? Or is it a goner??


  1. I keep cut basil in a small vase on my windowsill, and it almost always develops roots. I've planted it in a pot and had it grow just fine. Yours looks quite tall, you might want to pinch it back so it can put more energy into surviving and growing.

  2. Yes, it can work.

    I would go ahead and harvest most of the plant for basil - pesto, anyone? - and leave just the bottom stems. It will sprout from the base and the remaining stems.


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