Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Groundhog day! Did you know....

Today is February 2nd, and like every February 2nd, it's Ground Hog day. Did you know that last year, our Mayor de Blasio dropped the ground hog that lives at the Staten Island Zoo. It's not the actual ground hog  that they normally use, it was a "stand in" because the original Ground Hog Chuck bit the former Mayor Bloomberg, so they now use a stand in. Well, last year, they used Charlotte, which is Chuck's girlfriend, and she didn't bite anyone, but the Mayor dropped her and she died of internal injuries a few days later, and there was a big cover up about it.

I don't know why they do this to the poor Ground Hog. Why they need all this pomp and circumstance for a silly holiday? Leave the poor Ground Hogs alone! Poor Charlotte, may you rest in peace, and shame on you Mayor de Blasio. The next time you run for office, you officially lost my vote!! I hope you didn't drop this year's Ground Hog, which was their offspring.
Read more here from the original NY Post article.

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