Thursday, February 5, 2015

More winter to come

So the groundhog saw it's shadow and so we are to expect 6 more weeks of winter. The park down the block from us still has lots of snow from the last 2 snowstorms, so the thought of more snow is a little depressing. I long for sun and warmer days and spring flowers. Actually, I long for days of above 32F temperatures so some of this snow can melt. Hopefully soon. One can hope.
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  1. Yes, above 32 would be nice, but I out and out long for spring to get here. We actually are expecting some days in the 40s soon, so our 12 inches will be melting this month.

  2. We've just had a dusting here in London, We love it even though it usually causes major disruption to public transport (no matter how light the fall). It never settles for long.

    Love the yellow booties :)


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