Monday, August 9, 2010

Little garden birdie

Last month, we had this family of birds living in our gutter. We would see the mama bird flying into the garden looking for worms and insects to feed her hungry chicks. Here she is with a mouthful of goodies to feed her young ones. (bigify photo to view larger)
Then one day when I was watering the garden, the momma bird was squawking at me. I looked down at the flower bed and saw a teeny tiny bird. I guess she was trying to scare me away from her baby. Poor little birdie fell from the gutter. This is a bad photo unfortunately. The little guy was under all this brush and I couldn't really get close enough for a good photo. He didn't even have his eyes opened yet. My husband found his siblings on our driveway, but they didn't make it. I told the hubs that I was glad I didn't see that, I'm a wimp when it comes to stuff like that. I would probably just start crying. Luckily this little fella fell on the soft flower bed. It broke his fall. I didn't see the bird for a long time I hope he survived the elements! Its funny, these are probably the same kinds of birds I curse at when I always see them in our garden eating our newly planted seedlings or sowed seeds. However when I see them as mommies and babies, I can't help but feel like I want them to make it! They are really really cute!


  1. It's amazing that the baby birds make it at all.

  2. I agree, they are really, really cute! It's funny how we can have such mixed feelings about things.

  3. We're not having very good baby bird luck, are we? I'm with you....cuss them out when they eat my garden, but cry if they get hurt or die.

  4. Baby birds have a really narrow window of survival, when you add in all the things they must make it through nowadays. I'm with you, I couldn't take the driveway scene... glad your man could shield you from that. :(

    Yesterday, I saw a fledgling cardinal sitting on a branch near the feeder, doing so well at following the parent and demanding food he was driving his father nuts. The parent bird looked like he was close to rolling his beady black eyes (if it were possible). ;) Life goes on, always.


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