Friday, July 22, 2011

Is that the actual temperature?

It was a scorcher today.  So hot, that I had to water the plants twice today.  They were all wilty, just like me in the heat.  Just, so hot.   I haven't seen temperatures like this in quite awhile.  It's 8:23pm and check out the temperature!  Say it isn't so!


  1. Wow! That sounds like Iowa!! We have 'cooled off'- it only got up to 93 today. But we had our share of the 100+ earlier this week. And with dew points hanging around 80 it was h*ll! I hope you all are able to stay safe and cool through this.

  2. I understand.
    Don't get too worried if your plants look wilted in the middle of the day. They do that to get as much of the leaves as possible out of the direct sun. Just changing the angle the sun hits the leaves helps them alot. They should perk back up as the sun goes down or it gets cloudy. They still need a drink then but you don't need to panic.
    You may need a drink though. Take care in the heat!

  3. We get those temps every once in a while. My best advice - STAY INDOORS! Keep cool!

  4. I think I sweated out 20 lbs over the weekend.


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