Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Good Deed Doesn't Go Unnoticed!

My husband helped our neighbor the other day.  While he was out gardening, she asked him if he could help her disconnect her old dryer so that a new one could be delivered and installed.  He brought over his tools and helped her with that task.  Then yesterday... she came over with this!  And by this, I mean a delicious Apple Cinnamon Cobbler!  If our neighbor asks us for help, we don't hesitate to give a helping hand and we don't expect anything in return.  A simple Thank You is all we need.  Afterall, that's what neighbors do.  But... cobbler is pretty nice too!


  1. I returned home the other day with a raging hangover following a night of working late. As I headed for my bed an elderly neighbour spotted me. The silly twat had driven his car into his garage door (yeah, he didn't see it) and the thing was jammed. My natural urge was to tell him where to stick it, but instead I spent an hour freeing the door up. After a few hours of sleep on the sofa, there was a knock on the door. It was him, with a box of beers. Happy days!

  2. It was sweet of him to help her and soooo very nice of her to appreciate his help.

  3. Ah! Win-win for everyone, and things like this go away in keeping good relations with the neighbors, which is important!

    By the way, this wouldn't be your neighbor who is freaky deaky about your compost, would it?? I hope so, because maybe this will help pave the way to her calming down about that!

  4. How nice of your husband and your neighbor! I am trying to do little extra things for people now (more than ever before in my life) if I can! It makes such a difference in the world for all involved! Glad to hear I was not the only one with pole bean problems!!! Thanks for your comment.


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