Saturday, July 16, 2011

A New Visitor to the Garden!

I was outside watering the plants today, and this caught my eye!  She was a hungry little lady, for she spent an entire hour flying from one hosta flower to the next.  She was in no rush, and she spent her time inspecting all the flowers!
In fact, I took these with my cellphone camera, and she was so busy feeding that she let me get up real close to snap these photos!  I just adore watching butterflies visit our garden.
But the second she saw me, she fluttered away to the next plant.  I'm not sure what type of butterfly it is, but it sure is gorgeous!  What flowers in your garden attracts the most butterflies?


  1. I believe it is a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail judging by the blue and orange colors. Very pretty.

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful butterfly. I believe that is the Giant Swallowtail. We have them here in Michigan.

  3. She is definitely a swallowtail. I believe a Tiger Swallowtail. They are so lovely! We've been short of bees this year but the butterflies are out in full force.

  4. I had one in my garden the other day, a first in a long, long time. I wasn't expecting to see one, and scared it away. It flew off to a neighboring garden :-( I'll be sure to watch for them from now on. I'd love to see them returning to my garden.

  5. She is beautiful. Nothing attracts butterflies to my garden :(
    We went on a day-trip on the North Cascade Highway and saw more butterflies then I've ever seen in my yard. Maybe it's the area?

  6. Very pretty. We don't have as many with all the cats in the yard now.

  7. pretty! I've never noticed butterflies near my hostas b/c they're so far from my window. I think the coneflowers attract the most of everything - butterflies, bees, birds...


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