Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Present for the Garden

Still trying to catch up on back logged posting.  I've been meaning to write about this!  Last month, the hubs' brother, Aunt and niece came down for a visit.  They came bearing gifts.  Check out the awesome crazy garden lady they gave me.  It kinda made me laugh.  It's like a wild version of me running around my yard.
This is my first decorative item in the garden, besides the plastic owl.  Hopefully she'll be a good guardian to watch over all the growing edibles!  And maybe, she'll even scare away a few critters!


  1. I love your new garden decoration!

  2. Love the garden ornament, you need more!

  3. That is cute; I have been tryingt o find a few decoratives things to put in our garden too!

  4. Very cool. Nice gift for a gardener.

  5. I like her. I have a cat made the same way.

  6. great detail about presentation and decoration of gardening ....... thanx for giving detail...happy after reading your blog...appreciate to you on this...



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