Monday, October 10, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin

This weekend, I went with my sister's family to Keller's Farmstand in Oswego, Illinois to go pumpkin picking. Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite activities in the Fall.  We set out into the patch to find the perfect pumpkins to decorate the yard.  What is nice about this farm is that you can walk out to the patch and cut your own pumpkin!
The pumpkin patch is expansive!  So many pumpkins to choose from!  It's wonderful to see all this farmland with all these pumpkins growing.
Those will make nice Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween!
Once we found the perfect pumpkins, into the wheelbarrow they went with a kid in tote!  The kids loved riding in the wheelbarrow.
Next to the pumpkin patch, they had some very large greenhouses growing all sorts of vegetables.  Wow, this was amazing!  They sell their vegetables at their farmstands and on this farm.  I saw a lot of really ripe tomatoes on the ground!  When I see fruit on the ground at large farms, I always think, I hope they get picked up and not left there to rot.
Keller's farm is also very kid friendly.  They had a petting zoo for the kids... and for the adults like me.  Hee hee.  :)  They had these cute little lambs with black faces.   How cute are they?  They were also so very soft.  It's no wonder we make sweaters out of their wool!  
They also had 2 baby calfs.  They were sleepy and didn't want to get pet at all.
Next to the petting zoo area was a large play area where they had different types of playhouses.  This one was a castle that the kids liked to climb and explore.  My nephew Max especially liked this one.  Here he is inside the castle.
There were also these toy tractors that the kids could ride around in.  How incredibly cute are these?  I want one as lawn decoration! I wonder where I can get one!  Too cute!


  1. That is so nice! We LOVE going to the pumpkin patch every's an annual tradition!

  2. A very neat place! Cool that you could visit it.

  3. What a fun day! I don't get out much, so thanks for taking us along. I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for your nice comment on my yard. It means a lot to me when others like what I've done.

  4. What a great pumpkin patch (and pics!)!! I have two pumpkins out front that I'm waiting till this weekend to carve. October has turned out to be like May, which for me is usually the busiest month of the year. So many things to do my garden has gone largely untended (though there's not much garden left to tend). Do you think it's too late to stick some garlic in the ground? I remember you mentioning it before -- where should I look to get some? Also, any pics of pumpkins in your garden? I tried to grow some but only got the blossoms. :( but they were yummy anyway. :)


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