Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking Sourdough Bread

Making the sourdough bread from the sourdough starter that Aimee from RedGardenClogs gave me was a lot of fun. The starter that she gave me is "alive" so it was bubbling with activity. 
This is the basic recipe for sourdough bread that Aimee recommended.  Note: when you make this bread, you have to plan it in advance.  You need two days to make this bread.  Here is the dough all kneaded and ready to be made into loaves.
The results of the bread baked.  The dough is enough for two small loaves.  Out of the oven, the bread is delicious.  The crusty outside is crunchy and delicious.  I realized I didn't knead the dough enough, so mine came out pretty dense.  I know now that it needs more air in the dough to make it fluffier on the inside. I sliced the bread the next day and toasted the slices, added a slab of butter and jam.  Ooooooh, amazing!  If you live in NYC area and would like some sourdough starter, I'll have some to give away.  Just give me a holler!


  1. Yum! Reminds me of "Friendship Bread" where the starter is used to make a coffee cake.

  2. They look beautiful. I'm still a bit intimidated by bread.

  3. There is nothing like homemade sour dough bread. I would skip the jam and use only butter.

  4. That looks good. I used to bake all of our bread. I also had some sourdough starter that I liked, but the rest of my family didn't. I bought some flour in hopes of having the energy to make some bread this week while I'm off work. One of these days, I'd like to try some sourdough again.

  5. Looks great, Mimi! Congratulations and happy baking! (and happy new year!)


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