Thursday, December 1, 2011

With Views Like This

I'm behind on blog posts with all the traveling. I took these photos on my last few days in Utah.  This is a view of my bedroom window at my brother's house.  Can you imagine waking up to this every morning?  It's an awesome way to wake up.  It makes you feel so alive with energy!
Here is another view from the same window.  Yes, W O W!  When I returned to NYC, this is what I'll miss in the morning.  A stunning view.
Here is a view at sunset!  How spectacular is that?
Christmas season is in full swing so we did a little shopping.  I saw these cute cucumber ornaments at Kohl's.  I was so close to buying this because it was so adorable.
After a day of shopping, we always crave some comfort food to re-fuel.  The closer you get to Salt Lake City, the more variety you get.  We decided on some Vietnamese vermicelli noodles. Barbecue pork chops, spring rolls, bean sprouts and peanuts on a bed of noodles.  Yummy.
And who would have guessed that you can find decent bubble tea too!  I ordered the honeydew melon. Yum-o!


  1. There's space there for a tower block or two, a highway and a parking lot.

  2. Beautiful view.

    lol at that ornament

  3. Those are beautiful views. Tell me about bubble tea. There is a place a few miles from here that has those words on a window. I had asked someone at the Chinese Drive through across the street what it was, but don't remember what the answer was.


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