Tuesday, April 10, 2012

eat. shop. drink. play.

"eat. shop. drink. play", that's the motto of the new Dekalb Market, located in downtown Brooklyn.  From their website, "Dekalb Market is a new community destination in Downtown Brooklyn. ... housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers, that bring together Brooklyn’s creative entrepreneurs in a community setting that include an incubator farm, events and performance venue, and a collection of eateries and work-sell spaces." 
This past weekend was the opening weekend and it did not disappoint!  Because it was the opening weekend, there were lots of press there, like Fox News. 
I was immediately impressed with the entire outdoor space.  It is beautifully designed complete with picnic tables to sit, eat and relax! Even though there were lots of people there, it didn't seem overly crowded. There were plenty of seating and places to mingle.
I absolutely love that they are using recycled shipping containers as store fronts.  What an absolutely novel idea! I really quite loved that they cut out and put in windows into the shipping containers. I was actually thinking that these would make awesome garden sheds or greenhouses! Don't you think?  How amazing would that be? I so want one too!
One of the main focuses of this market are the food vendors.  This one in particular sources all their ingredients using local organic resources.
The fact that they source their ingredients from local farms is amazing and totally worth supporting! And don't they just look so happy to be preparing our local grown and made food?
Speaking of locally grown, the Dekalb Market features an experimental "farm" where they have raised beds and a greenhouse growing edibles.
Isn't this just awesome?  A great way to show Brooklynites how to grow locally and organically. How wonderful would it be if we made every empty lot in the city into a bustling growing edible garden!  What a wonderful way to get access to locally grown and teach city kids where food comes from!
I love the greenhouse! It's currently empty, but by summer's end, I'm sure it's going to be growing lots in there.
During this opening weekend, they also brought in some farm animals.  I must say it's a bit bizarre to see this in the middle of downtown Brooklyn. However, so many city kids and ADULTS have never seen farm animals this close and personal before. So I think it's cool to bring that experience to us city folk. 
The goal of the Dekalb Market is " To provide an economic opportunity for (and connect the community with) independent entrepreneurs and creative people in four broad categories: Makers, Artists, Farmers, Chefs."  I absolutely loved how they setup the shops.  What an amazing opportunity for local artisans and crafts people to show off their talents!
In a city where real estate is at a premium, these shops gives local artisans an economical way to set up shop.  It's such a cool idea.
And doesn't it just look cool?  I love that they are totally thinking outside of the box.  Literally.
There is also an Etsy Marketplace, which features a rotating list of Etsy artisans.  Every 3 months they will feature local Etsy craftspeople. 
The work at the Etsy store was amazing and so creative!  I loved Jason's lamps made out of recycled plumbing and antique mason jars! I took his business card and will definitely go back to buy a lamp.  I just loved how rustic and industrial it looked, and the fact that he's using reclaimed and re-used materials is just awesome.  Check out his website. http://merrimackandmonitor.com/
He also does lighting fixtures.  One of his pieces was installed into the ceiling to light the Etsy shipping container store.
In the same space was another vendor who was selling Tillandsia air plants in these beautiful glass terrariums.  I loved how she hung these on an old window frame.
Here's another one with the same look except it's just the Tillandsia suspended from the window frame.
There were also lots of activities to encourage and inspire creativity.  Here is a printmaking station to teach kids about the print process.  Maybe when these kids grow up they will become Etsy artists and sell here too!

If you are visiting New York this year, definitely check out Dekalb Market, it will be open all year long.
I promise you, you'll like it! And will be totally inspired!


  1. It is awesome! all of it. We use a shipping container as a workspace, but nothing as grand as these. Ours might need a spruce up!

    Great lot of photos, really enjoyed the market and the gardens.

  2. Wow, wow, wow!

    Luv the concept.

  3. So many neat things in one place, happy you shared it with us!!

  4. Thanks for the tour!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. What a wonderful place to have in The City! What a breath of fresh air to the concrete maze some folks live in! It's so great for the kids to see all this! It might serve as an inspiration for some of them to do some wonderful things for backyard gardeners. I love to see that everyone there is having a good time!


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