Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forget Sowing, Only Go Winter Sowing!

Seriously, I don't know why I ever waste my time trying to start seeds indoors, when they rarely turn out as healthy as the plants that are winter sowed.  These tomato plants did so well in their mini-greenhouses.
I sowed these seeds back in January. Not only did they germinate, they are so big and healthy!
I'm only going to winter sow from now on!  It's so easy not to.  You just sow the seed in the winter outdoors, and forget about it until spring.  Totally easy and totally awesome.  The best part... you don't even have to harden off the seedlings because they have already been exposed to the outdoors.  Awesome!!


  1. I find the self sown plants to be very hardy and do just as well as the one grown indoors. Had some great tomatoes last year from self sown seeds.

  2. We had some tomatoes volunteer in our garden and they look great right now too!

  3. You did good. Those tomatoes look nice. They are strongest when they grow outside.


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