Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So Tempting!

Everyday, on my walk to and from the bus stop, I see this giant mulberry tree down the block from my house.  It is full of berries.
If you look closely, you can see a lot of unripe berries.
And here are some really ripe ones.  The tree sits on the property of own of the neighborhood churches. I don't attend this church, but I am so tempted to ring the bell and ask the pastor if I can pick the berries and make homemade mulberry jam with it.
It doesn't look like anyone picks these berries.  There are lots and lots of berries all over the ground. The whole pavement is stained with purple squashed berries.  I really hate seeing food wasted like this.

I am not proud of this but, I couldn't help myself, I picked a few berries from a branch that was on the street.  And tasted them.  They are so good!   Ok, maybe I will drum up the courage and ask the church if I can pick the berries.  I just feel a little weird asking them since I'm not a patron of the church.  I'll give them some of the jam I make with it. I think that would be a pretty cool barter.


  1. I'd say ASK! The worst they could tell you would be no and you wouldn't be out anything. More than likely, they would be glad to have a few less on their sidewalk.

  2. I think you should go ahead and ask. You have nothing to lose and odds are they'll be glad to let you have them!

  3. You should ask them. I am sure the offer of a pie will definately seal the deal!

  4. I think that you should ask. They might be happy to see the food be used to make jam. Maybe you can even find a way to give back by donating a few bottles of jam to their next church sale.


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