Saturday, June 2, 2012

I (heart) Back to the Roots

Last month, I wrote about how I bought a Back to the Roots mushroom kit.  I followed the instructions exactly.  At first I opened the front of the box and made slits into the plastic bag and misted it with the enclosed water sprayer 3 times a day.  I did this for a few weeks and nothing happened.  Therefore, I decided to dunk the entire bag of the oyster mushroom spore into water for 24 hours as the instructions read, and literally 5 days later.... Voila!  The beginning of baby mushrooms!  I think I actually jumped for joy.  Haha
Then it was Memorial day weekend and I was away for 2 days and when I returned, holy cow. Look what formed in 2 days time!  Wowsers!
Here is a side by side so you can see how incredible this is. A before and after.
I had to take pictures from every angle just so you can see how amazing this product is!
Doesn't this look just amazing?   I have to say, the mushrooms don't look exactly like the photos shown on the Back to the Roots website.  These are totally giant!!
Like, Oh My God, just wow!  I can't get over it.  I've always wanted to grow mushrooms and this is way too much fun!  (Man, that didn't sound as nerdy in my head.)
On the Back to the Roots website they say, you can potentially get 3 harvests from the same box.  Awesome!
I couldn't resist, I had to cut the big oyster mushroom off and cook this bad boy.  I love love mushrooms, so this is surely a treat!  To give you a sense of scale, here is the large mushroom in my hand.  Ginormous, right?
I sliced it up with a leek from the garden.
And sauteed it with some olive oil.  Then scrambled an egg into it.
And ate the whole thing between two slices of toasted multigrain bread.  Sooooooo yummy!
I can't wait to try growing another harvest of these shrooms.  Yes, please!


  1. How cool! went to the website to get one...we don't have Whole Foods around here....Can't wait to start!

  2. I saw some at Home Depot yesterday. Debated getting a couple of kits for the boys.

  3. That is wonderful. Do you keep your mushroom box indoor or outdoor? From your photos it seems you keep the box indoor but I have read blogs where it is kept outdoor.

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  5. Mimi! Another Awesome post! Thank you so much! Did you get your replacement yet? I'm definitely going to have to try out your recipe! Are you ready to sport an awesome Back To The Roots t-shirt? I'd love to send one out to you! just shoot me an email :) Again, thanks so much for all of your support! I'm working on developing the "ACC" so we will definitely be in touch!


    Jasmine Jackson
    Community Happ'y'ness Guru
    Back to the Roots
    2935 Adeline Street; Oakland, CA 94608
    Tel: 510.922.9758 | Fax: 510.922.9568

  6. I'm glad you took the photo holding the mushroom. That is BIG!
    Looks like fun watching them appear. Yum-O!

  7. They almost look like exotic flowers sneaking out of the box. Well done on growing these. Very impressive.


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