Friday, July 6, 2012

Hive Locations

We were extremely lucky to have two hosts this year for our beehives.  The hives are located a mere 5 blocks from each other in Fort Greene / Clinton Hill,  Brooklyn which makes it easy for us to inspect them. Although close in distance, the two hive locations could not be any different. One of the hives is in a lush backyard filled with greenery and flowers. 
There is this gorgeous Adirondack chair right next to the hydrangea and the hive.  It's so pretty how the greenery is growing all around it.  Enveloping it.
The bees seem to really love this location.  They are always buzzing with activity and building out the frames.  Here we are inspecting.  Paul is using the frame spacer here to make sure that there is the right amount of space between frames.  If there is too much space, the bees build out wild honeycomb, rather than in straight rows like we want.
The other hive location is on a rooftop.  It's where a lot of beehives are located in the city because of a lack of backyard space.  We have noticed that the bees seem to do fine on a rooftop, they are productive but not as much as the backyard hive.
Here we are doing an inspection of the hive.  I always wonder if the people on the street see us when we are up there.  I guess they would have to be looking up!
Fort Greene / Clinton Hill are amazing neighborhoods.  The residents who live here are really serious about their gardening.  Which is great news for us and the bees when they forage.  I even spied this amazing cherry tree in the front of one of the houses on the block.  I wonder if these cherries are edible.
Isn't that just amazing?  I love how creative people are with their small spaces.  :)


  1. So cool that you are being. (I don't think that's a word.) My great grandfather had bees, so I have a very sentimental feeling for this. Can't wait to hear about your honey.

  2. Wish you lived closer to me, I'd love to have a bee hive in my back yard. Last year I had tons of bees b/c one of my neighbors had hives. He moved and this year there have been very few bees. :( Maybe next year I can get a few hives.

  3. the bees have been extremely happy in our yard. the second round of king figs (the variety name and they live up to it) are ready

    the trees are full of bees, wasps, hornets, butterflies and birds

    and a couple of rednecks.....


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