Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Queen is Born!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we lost our Queen in our white hive. We moved a frame of 3 day old brood from our other hive to the queenless hive in hopes of rearing a new queen. We came back 2 weeks later to find some new brood! We have successfully reared a new Queen!! The hive is aware that it is queenless so it will turn a regular brood into a queen by feeding it exclusively royal jelly. The new Queen upon being born takes a mating flight and then begins to lay eggs. We were so excited to see frames of new brood! This was our first attempt of raising a Queen and now that we know we can do it, we won't have to buy replacement queens again as long as we have one healthy queen in the other hive!
We actually had 2 things to celebrate! Not only did we find some great brood pattern, we also saw that the top honey box was almost full of Fall honey. Ooooh, this means we can harvest within the next few weeks! I am so excited that we get a second harvest out of this hive this season!
Check out the color of this honey. A deep rich chocolate brown color. So much darker than our spring honey. I can't wait to taste it! YUM!!

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