Saturday, September 14, 2013

Making Beeswax Candles

All year, I've been collecting wild beeswax from the hive. Especially when they build comb like this. Bees build wild wax like this when there is too much space between frames or open space inside the hive.
Here is an example of when bees build wild comb. This is the underside of the water sugar feeder. The bees built some wax below it.
And some wax above the frames. The water sugar feeder sits on top of the top box, and the bees built a bunch of wax to try to close up the gaps.
When we extracted honey from the frames, there is lots of wax left behind. I collected all this wax too.
Why am I collecting all this beeswax??? To make candles!!
I melted all the wax on a double boiler.
And poured them into molds to make votive candles! This was my first time making votive candles. And it's super fun! I added some vanilla scent.
Here are the candles out of the mold! The white color candles are pure beeswax from the honey extraction. The darker candles is the wax that I collected throughout the year and sometimes there are impurities in the wax, especially propolis, thus the darker color wax.
I poured some wax in metal tins as well. I love how this came out.
And here it is lit. I thought I collected a lot of wax, but it only made 7 little candles. Hahahahhaha. Guess I have to collect more wax!

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  1. Awesome candles. Thanks for the notes on my blog


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