Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Honey Harvest 2013

This weekend, we had our last honey harvest of the season. We pulled 18 frames from two honey supers out of two hives. Since we had already harvested in July, this harvest was going to be smaller.
The fall harvest usually yields a darker colored honey. This one did not disappoint. The color looks like dark molasses. Really deep chocolate brown.
Here's a closer look of the frame. Isn't the color just gorgeous?
We have to take a knife and cut away the wax caps, and then they are ready to go into the extractor.
Two frames go into the extractor at once, and then each side is spun until all the honey flows out of the frames.
I particularly loved the duo-tone honey color in this frame. On the left you see light color honey, and on the right is a dark colored honey. Isn't that amazing?? You can actually see the difference in the type of flowers they are feeding from because of the color change. The type of flowers they have access to changes throughout the season as different flowers come into season.
Here we are pouring the the extracted honey out of the extractor and into a sieve to strain out all the waxy floating bits. Love, love, love the color!
I just love how different our Brooklyn honey looks and taste from each hive. To the left is our Spring harvested honey. In the middle, is our Fall honey from one hive and to the right is our Fall honey from another hive. The difference in colors is extraordinary!
And here it is bottled up and ready to be given away to friends / family and or sold. Love it! #honey!!


  1. So pretty! Do you notice a difference in the flavors?


  2. We are both finding your posts on bee keeping fascinating. Do they find enough pollen from the NY plants in town, or do you have to grow loads of stuff on the rooftop as well?

  3. It looks great! I'm interested in how it differs in taste too.


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