Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm a sucker for advertising!

The one thing I really hate about gardening is the mosquitos in my back yard. Unfortunately for us, behind the road right behind our property is an inlet of water and marshlands! Mosquito heaven! So when I saw a commercial for this new product by OFF for a clip on mosquito repellent, I was intrigued. The commercial showed this couple enjoying their backyard wearing these clip on fans and the mosquitos flying away from them. I went to Home Depot and bought this OFF clip on to try. Okay, I should have known that this is too good to be true. This did not work.... AT ALL! I turned on the fan, clipped this to my pants pocket and went outside just as the packaging said. It didn't deter any mosquitos from biting me, in fact in the time it took me to water the garden, I was bitten 10 times. The mosquitos even flew near the fan and was not affected at all. Dang! $8.50 down the drain!

Does anyone have any good bug repellents they use that actually work? I've been using Cutter spray but it just doesn't work either! For all those gardeners out there with a lot more experience than I, what do you do to keep the mosquitos away? Do you use bug zappers? Citronella? Bug Spray? Any advice would be so appreciated. The mosquitos make being outside in my backyard so unbearable! I find myself giving up and running back into the house!


  1. meems I am so sorry about those rotten mosquitoes .. I avoid them by being in the garden when they can't stand the sun and heat .. neither can I but one of us has to be the stronger ? LOL
    My husband fishes and golfs and does have problems with them .. he bought this little wrist band of citronella ? and he says it works .. he found it in a "Dollar" store believe it or not .. maybe you might check that out ?
    Hope you have some good luck with it all .. I HATE those little buggers !!

  2. I've had some luck with the candles and the mosquito coils. One of the benefits of having such a dry summer this year is no mosquitos. :)

  3. I, too, took the bait and bought that fan thingy. It seemed to work for a few times, but then I was still getting eaten alive. What I have to do, every time I go outside to work is wear long pants (I know it is soooo hot!) and spray my arms and my clothes with Off. That keeps them off me. However, the other day they were trying to bite me in the face! I've been researching some herbal options but haven't came up with anything yet. Just know you are not alone in this club!

  4. Did you know that there is a type of geranium called the citronella flower. Something along those lines. Aparently they are supposed to repel those nasty bugs and from what I have read, do a good job.

  5. I just read in an email sent my way that if you tie a sheet of bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season, it will repel mosquitoes! Thought of this post when I saw that!

  6. I bought one of those fan repellent things earlier this year and you are right, they DON'T work. Last year I planted mosquito plants in several of my planters and those didn't work either...I think I'm destined for mosquitoes.

  7. We don't have a mosquito problem. 2 times a year we have horseflies. Talk about hurting. Some of them are as big as a quarter.

    An old man told me the only thing that will kill them is to slap them between 2 bricks......

  8. When we lived in Alaska, we bought a Mosquito Magnet (somehow uses propane to kill them). It was pretty spendy but I think it was the only thing that made the bug levels tolerable. I don't believe the range they state on the box though, we used it out back but trying to work in a flower bed out front was horrible.

  9. You could also try some of the "Buzz Off" line of clothing. I bought a bandana for my dog but I never tried it out myself (I did steal it from her one day but it smelled so much like dog I gave it back...)


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