Saturday, July 31, 2010


Nothing makes me smile more than when I'm out in the garden and I pull back some leaves and find a new discovery. "Yes!" Look at what is finally growing!! Bell peppers baby! Finally! Grow baby, grow!

I finally figured out why people love gardening so much. For me, and probably for lots of other gardeners, it's that euphoria and excitement that one feels when they see food or blooms growing from a little seed they planted months ago. I can't believe I wasted 35 years of my life by not having my own garden! Okay, granted, the last decade I lived in apartment buildings with mean landlords that didn't let us grow things on the fire escape. Yeah, okay, it's a fire hazard, I get it mean landlady. Now that's finally in the past, and today we have a backyard that is our big dirt playground!


  1. Cool. I don't grow bell peppers. I don't like them. But, do like other kinds!

  2. I agree, there's nothing like having your own yard to garden in. After years of apartment living, the garden was the first project done when we bought our house. It's all so new and exciting. Your garden is looking great. :)


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