Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Still Monday, Harvest Photo

I've been sick these last couple of days, so I've been avoiding gardening. My husband has taken over on the watering of the plants, harvesting and cooking. (Help!) This is what was harvested the other day. We are getting such an amazing crop of cucumbers! To date, we have harvested 19 cukes! I am so thrilled! He also picked one red Roma tomato, but to my disappointment, there was end rot on this little 'mato. Dang it!


  1. Hi, I'm sorry you've been sick. Hopefully you'll be well soon. Your tomato: blossom end rot. Are you familiar with it? If not, I'd be happy to advise.

    I've heard others claim this year as the year of the cukes. Interesting.

  2. The cucumbers look perfect. They are my favorite summer crop. Still waiting to harvest my first one this season....

  3. Why does everyone have ripe tomatoes already?!?!?! I mean, please enjoy them. Don't worry about me, lol!

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Cucumbers can get prolific fast! Sorry about your tomatoes.

  5. Don't worry about the blossom end rot on the tomato, my first couple each year usually have it too. But it sucks because the first tomatoes are the ones for which I am most excited! I've only had one cucumber and one zucchini so far, but there are several more cukes growing already. I think we might not be watering the raised bed enough.

  6. Wow, those cucs look nice. I finally just got one. There are two more starting to form. Ironically, I had never heard of the blossom rot until this year, then I went out back and saw that I HAVE IT TOO! first time in 3 years to ever hear of it, let alone see it. Told my DH to STOP STOP STOP the fetilizer spray and I just dumped some crushed Tums into the ground. Hope it helps. Our tomato's are barely surving!
    Mindy Lu

  7. Hope you get the problem solved with the BER. It is so disappointing to lose a tomato.

    Late in visiting the posts for Harvest Monday!


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