Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is what the hosta used to look like

I realized after posting my "dead zone" photos, that I didn't show before photos. I found a few photos of the hostas we had growing in the backyard. These photos were taken in early July before all the relentless 90+ degree heat waves. The previous owner of this house planted this nice row of hostas. Look how green it was! To see how it looks now, you can view previous post.
It was so healthy looking and made a nice border from our patio to the grass.

It also bloomed 2 different kinds of purple flowers. But alas, no more. With the heat wave and no rain in sight, we only watered the plants that we planted this year, since they needed the water. We figured that the perennials could probably withstand the heat wave. Gulp... we hope. Also, since we are trying to conserve water, in addition to new plantings, we only watered the vegetable garden and grape plants. Anything edible got water, and any new plantings like the rose bushes got water. Unfortunately for everything else, it was survival of the fittest....


  1. Hostas are pretty hardy-I bet yours come back next year. Mine are brown and brittle too. Seeems all the rain in my area goes around my house : )

  2. I agree with Tipper--there is a good chance they will come back. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure the flowers you show blooming among the hostas are spiderwort, another shade-loving and relatively tough perennial. Google it, I think you will recognize it. Good luck with the recovery--there is always hope in the garden!

  3. The purple flower looks like something I have in some of my flower beds. They bloom, then die down in the summer. Come back in spring.

    Don't know about the hostas. We have to plant ours in the shade here in Mississippi.

  4. You might try grey water on the plants you haven't been watering.

    Those are lovely flowers. Do you know the name of the hostas?


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