Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Wish I Had Ladybugs

I noticed today that my hibiscus plant has aphids all over the bloom buds. Ugh! I took this on my cellphone, but if you look closely, you'll see the little devils.  This plant has been inside my house all winter! Where do the aphids come from? I wish I had some lady bugs to destroy them. Instead, I sqooshed some between my fingers and sprayed the plant with Ecosmart organic garden insect killer.  Die aphids, die!
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  1. Put the plant in the shower and wash those suckers down the drain! Especially helpful if you have a handheld shower thingy.

  2. LOL...the 1st year I was on our property, we had a LB invasion.

  3. the eggs may have been in the soil and leaves and are now hatching! run for you life! Yep, hose that baby down and spray some insecticidal soap, that will get 'em!

  4. My broccoli plant had that. We bought ladybugs, but they didn't eat them. The winter came too strong and ended up killing my plant. :((
    Gardening is not easy...Good luck!

  5. The Japanese LBs have been starting to come out of hibernation here- I could collect a few off my windows and send them your way- of course- they are annoying and they stink but- what the heck.

  6. I agree with Erin, the eggs were there, probably along the larger veins. Watch them closely. Seperate that plant far from any other plants until you feel you have it under control. You can also put one TBLS of antibacterial dish detergent in a spray bottle of water (shake it up), and squirt the bugs and the rest of the plant down. I HATE aphids, and this is what I do for my rose like a charm without having to use something poisonous to Mr. Kitty and stuff.

  7. EEWWW!! My strawberries got attacked by aphids last year. I'm surprised those buggers survive the winter!! I hope your plans of attack were a success!


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