Saturday, March 12, 2011

Packages Galore!

It rained for two days straight here in Staten Island, grey, wet, and completely dreary.  I was a bit worried about the weather because our basement has a tendency to flood when we get an influx of rain.  Thank goodness the basement stayed dry this time, unlike last year when it rained non-stop for days.  Last year, we had 2 inches of rain flood our entire basement.   I was also worried because we had to be out of town Thursday and Friday of this week, because we were visiting family Upstate for the hub's birthday.  I knew that we were expecting deliveries of the new Amaryllis bulbs I had ordered and I received an email stating that our new Asian Pear tree and Red Currant Bush was enroute for a Friday delivery.  I hate not being home when we get deliveries.  Since we weren't going to be home to receive both deliveries, I left a note on my front door to request the UPS person to please put the packages under my front staircase so that it would be protected from the torrential rain showers.  When we returned home Friday night, the packages were safe under the front steps.  You GO UPS!  They totally ROCK.  Totally awesome, the packages were slightly damp, but for the most part, pretty dry!
Today, I followed the instructions and took the plants out of the box and put the roots in a bucket of water for a few hours and then planted them in containers.  I do want to eventually plant these outdoors when it's a bit warmer.  However, since we are still getting cold near freezing temperatures at night, I want to protect the new tree and shrub and plant them in a few weeks when it's definitely spring weather.  So after soaking the roots, I potted these in soil, and they will stay on our front porch until the weather warms up.  Here's a pic of our new Asian-2-in-1 pear tree, a gift from my brother and his wife, and their adorable boys.  They gave us these plants as a Christmas present.  This grafted tree will grow "Chojuro"and "Drippin’ Honey™" varieties.  I am so excited! The tree is self-pollinating and the fruits have different harvest times.  Chorjuro will be ready in September, while Drippin' Honey is ready in October.  I grew up eating these Asian Pears, they were always a special treat at our home.  I am so excited to be growing them in our backyard soon!  Also, a main reason we like this pear tree is that the fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months!  Pretty awesome!
The other plant in the package was the Red Currant bush.  One of our main goals is to grow as much fruit as possible on our property, so we are really excited to add this shrub to our landscape.  We also love currant jam, so I can't wait until this shrub starts producing currants for us!
Here's the other package, my Amaryllis bulbs from White Flower Farm.  This was an impulse purchase that I made.  Both bulbs were on sale, so I totally could not resist.  These are the last Amaryllis bulbs that I will buy for the rest of the year...  I promised myself.  LOL
I pulled out the bulbs to check on the quality.  White Flower Farm does not disappoint!  Look at the size of this bulb!  So worth the $8.45 that I spent on it.  Don't you agree?
What fun packages are you getting in the mail right now?


  1. Love what you got in the mail. Way to go UPS!! When I order from High Country Gardens, there is a place on the order form to leave a note for the deliverer. I always put, "place on back patio." And, they do!

  2. meems I would so totally be excited about these plants and bulbs too ! I'm looking out at SNOW right now and I swear this has to be the longest winter EVER !!!
    Enjoy those gorgeous plants and that pear tree is fantastic : )

  3. I was recently sent some Jerusalem artichoke tubers in the post. Good luck with your tree and redcurrant bush!

  4. I don't like being away when deliveries are expected, either. I'm glad your plants were where you requested them to be. I hope they all grow well.

    I'm watching the coverage of the earthquake and tsunami. I hope whatever needs to be done to prevent further loss of life is done soon. I've been praying a lot today.

  5. Nice to hear of efficient parcel delivery, Meems, and congrats on the new parcels. Lately, I've mostly been getting books in the mail, which are nice, although there will be perennials, annuals and shrubs coming a little later in the spring.

  6. WOW - huge bulb! Def. worth $8+ Looks like you're having fun with all of your new plants! I must, say, very jealous!

  7. We have several asian pears. Hoping they make this year cause they were all new trees last year.

  8. Mimi, if you like to grow fruit, there's a native shrub/tree called Juneberry or Serviceberry that drips with the most delicious fruit in, of course, June. The berries all ripen within a week & taste like a mix of sweetest blueberry, cherry & a little coconut. I pick all my baskets can hold....they keep for 10 days in the fridge or you can freeze them. We eat them right off the tree, in pudding, with whipped cream, & toss a few into our iced tea or lemonade pitcher....they are SO good. The tree can be trimmed to a smaller size but we let ours's 10 feet, has pretty white spring flowers & yellow leaves in fall. Great all around plant, & so problems!


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