Friday, May 18, 2012

An Edible Weed

I call strawberry plants my edible weed because they sure are prolific plants!  I planted 20 plants over 3 years ago, and now the patch has quadrupled in size. They send out runners like crazy, and if they weren't so tasty, I'd seriously consider them a weed! Everyone talks about mint being invasive, but why doesn't anyone mention strawberry plants as being crazy producers!  I'd argue strawberries are just as invasive as mint, if not more!
Here's another look of the patch.  Insanity!  I can't wait for the berries to start ripening!  Strawberry jam is definitely in my future!
Just to prove a point of how invasive the strawberry plants are, they have crept over to the other side of the garden fence and onto the lawn.  Which actually made me think, it's be great if they overtook the lawn!  How amazing would it be to have a whole yard of strawberry plants!!  Who needs grass anyway!
I dug up lots of the plants that were growing on the outside of the garden fence and potted them up to give away to friends.  These plants went into my tote bag and on the subway with me to my friends in Brooklyn.  Christina will be planting these in her window planter!  Nothing makes me happier than giving away plants!
I potted some for myself to see if I could grow strawberries in pots.  And yup, I can.  I grew a strawberry!  How cool is this???
Man, I can't wait to eat this berry.  Yummo!


  1. wow! i finally planted the one you gave me outside. it looks so puny compared to your berry batch! i can't wait to see pictures of the berries ripe and ready to be picked!

  2. That's a beautiful berry.

    We have them in pots too.

  3. Good to know that they are so pervasive. I have done them in pots before and I managed to get a few berries. Was just thinking this morning to do it again this year.

  4. Your plants look great! You made me curious, too. I put in a strawberry patch (raised bed) at one of our old houses (with permission). I wonder how they are doing now or if someone ripped them out.

  5. found this site on a google search for ways to get rid of invasive strawberry plants - 3 years ago I started to see a couple small runners and I thought ", I let them grow and see what they produce..."

    Bad decision. They've taken over 2 properties totally 4 acres. Most invasive thing I've encountered, with exception of field/crab grass (bamboo, ivy isn't even close to competing with strawberry runners.

    If you're cool with that (and them destroying your lawn and everything else that grows near them), keep on keeping on, otherwise, get ground clear and be very aggressive and destroying them.

    But, i admire their ability to survive and thrive


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