Friday, May 4, 2012

The Scent is Intoxicating!

Probably one of my most favorite blooms of the spring is the Lilac.  It definitely has the most amazing scent.  I had rescued this Lilac bush from a backyard in Brooklyn 2 years ago.  I had read on Freecycle that a homeowner was re-landscaping their backyard and they didn't want to trash the living Lilac bush so they listed it on Freecycle for anyone to dig up and take home with them.  So I went there to rescue it.  The first year after I had replanted to bush, we only got 3 blooms.  But this year, the Lilac has provided us with lots of blooms to enjoy.  There are over a dozen blooming flower heads this year.  I could not be happier!!
Miss Lilac must be happy planted in this spot.  I just loving walking passed this bush, the scent is so fragrant!
 Another view of how well it's doing.  I am so happy to have given this Lilac bush a second life. 
I snipped a few blooms to bring inside to enjoy.  Definitely tops my list of favorite flowers!! What flowers are you enjoying this spring?


  1. My lilacs have yet to open and I am counting the days. I am a fan of lilacs too and can't imagine a spring garden without them. I have several varieties, but my favourite is probably the old fashioned, common lilac. You can't beat a classic!

  2. Lilacs don't do well down here in MS.

    But, my roses are showing out right now.

  3. I love lilacs too - don't think there's one nearby that I'm able to sniff. I did enjoy a mahonia this winter (never knew about the fragrant flowers until I got a dog and had to walk him in the cold!). There's also tons of honeysuckle that I love b/c it takes me back to childhood in a second flat.


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