Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Small Kitchen Garden Seeds Arrived

I received in the mail on Saturday my free seeds from Your Small Kitchen Garden blog.They were giving away free seeds that they collected from the garden.  The packets were so nice, with drawings of the vegetables on each packet.  I'm excited about growing the neck pumpkin, which has a crooked neck.  I've never eaten neck pumpkin before but if it's anything like butternut squash, we'll love it.   The packets also contained blue hubbard squash.  We had hubbard squash for the first time this fall, and the hubs really liked it.  I'll report on the progress of these veggies once they are sowed.

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  1. We didn't call it neck pumpkin but my Mom used to raise squash like that when I was growing up. If I remember right, it is a lot like butternut- just a lot more of it!
    Have fun!

  2. Very nice! I wish I could get my act together enough to prepare packets like this LOL, what a cool thing for them to do!

  3. I planted some herbs this weekend. I'm hoping they will grow.

  4. Those all look great. I can't wait to see what the two squashes look like. I also can't wait til it's warm enough to start planting them outside.

  5. Cute packets, for sure! Is neck pumpkin the same as crook-necked squash?

  6. @Amy, I'm not sure if it's the same vegetable as crook-necked squash. I think this one is more like a pumpkin, with a thicker skin.

  7. I grew neck pumpkin last year. It reminded me of a large butternut squash. It made great pumpkin pie!


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